The Benefits of Talk Therapy

Have you ever tried to work a difficult situation out in your head? It’s so easy to get overwhelmed that you sometimes just give up. Talking out the situation, called ‘talk therapy’ can formalize thoughts. It naturally gives the issue a beginning, middle, and end. Once you’ve organized the problem, you’ve gotten one step closer to managing it. Afterwards, the answer to solving or alleviating the problem usually becomes a lot clearer.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the time or money to see a therapist. However, just talking about a problem with someone can help clarify your thinking.

You are not alone

Most of us have gone through the same or similar problems - romantic relationship issues, best friend fights, family frustrations, work annoyances. Talking about these common problems with others will undoubtedly make you feel supported and less alone because we have all been there. And who knows, if you open up, you may be giving someone else confidence to do the same.

It may be easier to talk to a stranger

Talking to someone about the situation can give you a different perspective, which usually helps solve the problem faster. However, a lot of times people around us are not objective. They’ve known us for a long time, and have their own biased opinions about our lives. One of the advantages of talking to someone ‘outside the situation’ is they don’t come with pre-formed judgments about your life. This may make it easier to open up and disclose ideas you may not feel comfortable telling others.

Does talking about your feelings make you feel better or worse?